A.S.F.A. 6th Painting Studio: The Pain of Others

A.S.F.A. 6th Painting Studio: The Pain of Others

“The other Arcadia” Foundation and the 6th Painting Studio of the Athens School of Fine Arts present at 16 Fokionos Negri the exhibition “The Pain of Others”, from the 18th May to 12th June 2016. The exhibition includes works (paintings, sculptures, photographs, installations) by 20 art students.

The idea for the exhibition derived from Susan Sontag’s book “Regarding the Pain of Others” (2003). In an era with numerous opportunities for regarding horrors taking place throughout the world, as images of atrocities travel in seconds through mass-media, Sontag wonders about the role that such images play in our lives.

The students studied and discussed the book in depth and through their artistic expression they attempt to unravel the role of the images of suffering and the way we comprehend the pain of others in contemporary life.

With their works, the young artists attempt to address whether it is a common human need to make to ‘beautify’ pain and guilt, and whether it is nature which makes it imperative that pain and guilt should coexist.

At the same time, the artists argue that subjective information provided by mass media and regarding pain could be as subjective as art.

The exhibition is curated by the Professor of the 6th Painting Studio, Giorgos Kazazis.

Mania Adamopoulou, Danae Vamvakou, Evangelia Kakaratza, Vassiliki Karamberi, Katia Karveli, Christos Katsinis, Sophia Rose Kosmidou, Sevi Kritikou, Giorgos Koros, Eleni Manali, Sotiris Batzianas, Anna Nikolouzaki, Christina Panagopoulou, Sergios Pappas, Dorita Pimbli, Gogo Sarantopoulou, Giannis Sfaelos, Stefanos Tsingos, Kyriakos Frantzeskos.

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