Architects’ Note

The exhibition space 16 Fokionos Negri was designed and constructed in 2009, and has an area of approximately 300 square metres. It is the basement of a 1960s’ apartment block in Kypseli, and was originally used as a billiards room. In designing the space, our intention was to solve three fundamental issues:

Access: First, one descends a metal staircase and arrives at a middle point that overlooks the space and the exhibition, from where a ramp guides the visitor gently into the space itself.

Converting the internal uncovered space of the apartment block into a courtyard: this eliminates the sense of being in a basement and highlights the introversion of the space in relation to the environment.

Transforming / camouflaging the stairwell shaft of the apartment block at the centre of the space: movable panels are stored in this area, and can be adjusted to create different layouts in order to meet the different requirements of each exhibition.

The materials we used were intended to preserve the neutrality of the space, so they would not compete with the various exhibits.

The walls are made of plasterboard painted off-white, and the floor is laid with gray tiles, inside and out.

We chose not to install suspended ceiling across the entire roof, so as not to reduce the functional height.

The tables, bookcases and lectern are made of sheet metal in its natural form.


Maria Kokkinou – Andreas Kourkoulas


Maria Kokkinou and Andreas Kourkoulas, the architects of 16 Fokionos Negri, talk about the criteria that dictated the aesthetics of the space, the challenges and problems they faced, the ergonomic solutions they came up with, and the transformation of the venue into an introvert exhibition space that would showcase the works of art while, at the same time, feeling familiar and friendly to its visitors.