SCALE # 2:100 | The Labyrinth of Kypseli | #7 HOME(less) – Dionisis Christofilogiannis

SCALE # 2:100 | The Labyrinth of Kypseli | #7 HOME(less) – Dionisis Christofilogiannis

The Labyrinth of Kypseli | SCALE # 2:100

The Labyrinth of Kypseli, an ephemeral art project in one of the most densely populated areas of Athens, around the experimental art space bhive, with the support of NEON Organization for Culture and Development.

Curators: Yannis Adoniou, Gerasimos Avlamis, Stavros Apostolatos
The project is based on an initial idea of Gerasimos Avlamis
Photographer: Dioni Angelopoulou
Opening: Tuesday 6th October 2015
19:00-20:30 | Open Experience, Performance@bhive, 18 Mythimnis str., Kypseli
21:00 | Reception: 16 Fokionos Negri Str., Kypseli, Τ. 210 8824681

Public art transforms a cityscape, even a simple art of walking down the street.
8 artists inhabiting inside empty squares, empty shops, terraces and basements, create ephemeral art projects, extend them like a ball of yarn and invite us to escape the Labyrinth of Kypseli through active streets, outdoor dance performances, installations, spontaneous orchestral performances and urban vegetable gardens.
The idea of a temporary public art project that enhances the quality of life was to revitalize Kypseli, inspiring members of the community to get involved and create a longer-term legacy of positive and sustainable transformation, square by square, street by street and step by step as they are been led through from one location to another.

Labyrinth of Kypseli | SCALE # 2:100 develops a route that starts from inside the experimental art space bhive (Mythimnis 18), and continues in the area of Kypseli in 7 locations.

Open Experience, Performance every Tuesday and Friday (20:00 to 21:30) Inside, and specifically in the second floor, of bhive viewers are invited to become part of the happening in an Open Experience that appeals to the senses. Where, the creators of the project “The Labyrinth of Kypseli” relax the boundaries between performer and viewer, creating for ninety minutes, an environment where the distinction between performer and public, leaders and followers is obscured. In an in vivo exchange in real time with multiple actions and reactions probabilities.

Walking the Labyrinth every Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday (19:00 to 22:00)
The Labyrinth of Kypseli unwinds among the works of the following artists:
#1 Konstantinos Patsios, #2 Yannis Adoniou, Stavros Apostolatos, Anastasia Brouzioti, Yiannis Tsigkris, #3 Gerasimos Avlamis,  #4 Yannis Tsigris, #5 Eugenia Arsenis, #6 Anastasia Brouzioti, #7 Dionisis Christofilogiannis, Yannis Adoniou, Harriet Summer.

#7 Fokionos Negri 16 | HOME(less) Dionysis Christofilogiannis | 21:15

Yannis Adoniou, Harriet Summer

“The other Arcadia” Foundation presents at 16 Fokionos Negri HOME(less) by Dionysis Christofilogiannis, an installation where sculpture, painting and performance are in direct dialogue. The Greek artist gives a second life to pieces of old wooden furniture collected from the streets of Athens and covers them with white embroidered crochet and white plaster. Along with Christofilogiannis’s sculptures and paintings there is also his new video screening (camera, editing: Yannis Myronidis), a performance by the choreographer Yannis Adoniou. Wearing a full body costume made of white crochet, Adoniou performs physical exercises. Harriet Summer, a black British performer, conflicts with the hegemony of white, addressing at the same time, social, political, gender and national identity issues. The exhibition inspired by the whitewashed architecture of Le Corbusier, curated by Konstantinos Argianas, comments on the contemporary social, economic and political disorder where the right to housing, a fundamental human right, is placed under constant questioning.

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