4th Athens Print Fest: Interruptions

4th Athens Print Fest: Interruptions

Athens Print Fest/ Fourth Edition – NOSTOS is the 4th edition of the International Festival of Printmaking organised by the Greek Printmakers’ Association during October 2018. Artists and institutions come together for the fourth time in various venues in Athens and Piraeus.

16 Fokionos Negri hosts the exhibition titled “4th Athens Print Fest: Interruptions” with works by artist printmakers selected from the University of the West of England’s MA Multidisciplinary Printmaking (M.A.M.D.P.) programme, Faculty staff and Doctoral students at the Centre for Fine Print Research and alumni from the M.A.M.D.P. programme.

Nostalgia can be felt for a lost homeland, for places visited or lived in, for times past, for people met and missed. It can be triggered by touch, smell, turning a page in a book, taste, a sound, experiencing elements of the seasons or weather. Such seemingly insignificant interruptions can for a moment, suspend us in another time and place, forgetting the present, romanticising the past or another place, or dreaming of a different future.

“Interruptions” is curated by Sarah Bodman (Senior Research Fellow for Artists’ Books & Programme Leader MA Multidisciplinary Printmaking) and Elena Zeppou (independent artist and MAMDP student).

MA Multidisciplinary Printmaking (MAMDP) at UWE Bristol is best known for its experimental, forward-thinking approach to printmaking today and the future of the printed artefact. With a focus on making, students explore and experiment with a diverse mix of traditional and emerging fine art printmaking.

For more information about the Athens Print Fest please visit athensprintfest.gr.

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