A.S.F.A. 3rd Painting Workshop: Graduates 2020-2021 – Seniors 2022

A.S.F.A. 3rd Painting Workshop: Graduates 2020-2021 – Seniors 2022

The “The other Arcadia” Foundation and the 3rd Painting Workshop of the Athens School of Fine Arts, under the direction of Professor Marios Spiliopoulos, present the exhibition “Graduates 2020-2021 – Seniors 2022” at the art space “16 Fokionos Negri”, from 25 May to 2 July 2022. The exhibition includes works by 19 seniors and graduates of the workshop, created during the academic years 2020-2022.

This exhibition marks once again the long-term collaboration between “The other Arcadia” Foundation and the Athens School of Fine Arts, hosting for the sixth year works by students and graduates of the School, aiming to support young artists.

The Director of the 3rd Painting Workshop, Marios Spiliopoulos, refers to the exhibition as an attempt “to create a meeting place for dialogue, as well as documentation of the anguish felt by the young image-makers in their effort produce the image that will speak on their behalf”.

The exhibition brings into dialogue the works of the recent graduates from the last two years (2020-2021) with those of the final year students who will graduate in 2022. Works that have been created in the extremely adverse conditions of the pandemic, especially for younger artists, who were asked to continue developing their ideas and create their works in unprecedented conditions.


ACHT! (Alexandros Alekidis, Angelos Merges, Prodromos Charalambidis), Philippos Angelakis, Konstantinos Agoros, Alexandros Alekidis, Theodora Vasileiadou, Dimitris Efstathiou, Philip Koutrikas, Stefanos Koutroulis, Angelos Merges, Orpheas Batsios, Thanasis Mylonas, Kalliope Mixi, George Nathenas, Kallia Papadopoulou, Depy Pavlidou, Dimitra Stavropoulou, Hermione Syrogiannopoulou, Konstantinos Tsitsigkos, Prodromos Charalambidis