A group exhibition entitled “5” is presented at 16 Fokionos Negri (organised and curated by Elissavet Sakareli).

The following artists participate in the show: Christoforos Katsadiotis (with his terror, farcical imagery), Alekos Kyrarinis (with his austere, entrapping spirituality), Emmanouil Bitsakis (with the ironic anti-realism of his anatomical realism), Achilleas Papacostas (with the abstract scenographies of tangible emotions), Antonis Staveris (with his oddly familiar world).

An unexpected, a significant encounter of five visual artists belonging to the same generation, with each one of them having already drawn his own course and shaped the peculiar aspects of his work, its obsessions and codes.

Art historian Elizabeth Plessa notes in the exhibition catalogue:

“Through the dislocation of figures and structures, with the dominance of calm beauty in familiar spaces, with the overturn of absolute realism, with disquieting assemblages of odd creatures and traces of personal semiologies, Papacostas, Staveris, Bitsakis, Katsadiotis and Kyrarinis attempt to reveal hidden aspects of the world, to approach that which they discern beyond the visible.”

Exhibition views